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This week we welcomed two Taiwanese Hakka celebrity chefs who taught our Mandarin Enrichment Class and Garden to Table Master Class three traditional Hakka dishes.

Master Jeff Chou and Master Wen Chen are both TV chefs who have published many cookbooks and are famous in and beyond Taiwan. They gave lessons, Masterchef style to both classes, which were translated thanks to Whaea Steph Lin. Both classes made Nine Layer Rice Jelly, Golden Pumpkin Buns and Crystal Dumplings. 

We thank both chefs and our sponsor The Hakka Affairs Council in Taiwan and The Hakka Society of New Zealand for providing this incredible learning experience for our students. 承蒙你! 恁仔細!

We were also pleased to receive the following letter from Sonya Sapir of Garden to Table who attended this session:

Dear Hollie, 

Thank you so much for the invitation to your school yesterday and for ensuring that we at GTT knew about this exciting and opportunity you provided for your students.

For me it was a real treat to see your set up. I was well impressed by how well mannered and skilled your students are! 

You are doing an amazing job with the GTT program and the school sure is lucky to have you in your role.